Why are Monetary Donations Important?

In order to receive funds from the state each year, public libraries must first meet state standards for libraries, including a requirement that public libraries receive at least $5.00 per capita for the population of its service area in local financial effort. Donations like yours help the Somerset County Library and all of the libraries in the Somerset County Federated Library System meet this requirement that demonstrates that our libraries are important to the people that they serve.

At the Somerset County Library, we have just introduced an exciting new service–online book clubs that allow you to “preview” books in your email in order to help you decide what you may like to read next. Unfortunately, with fourteen online book clubs previewing a new book every one to two weeks, we are not able to purchase a copy of every featured book for our collection. Your donation to the Somerset County Library program would help us to continue to expand our program and service offerings as well as our collection.

Through the pooled purchasing power of the Somerset County Federated Library System, we would like to be able to offer some additional online resources to our patrons. As a System, we received generous donations late in 2014 that allowed us to purchase a year’s subscription to Ancestry Library Edition. We currently anticipate being about $700 short of being able to renew our subscription to Ancestry Library Edition for 2015-2016 to assist genealogy researchers in our libraries. Similarly, we are about $2,000 short of being able to offer a year’s worth of access to the Mango Languages online language learning tools to our patrons who wish to learn a language from home, through a mobile device, or from inside one of our libraries. If you would like your monetary donation to go toward supporting System-wide efforts such as these, please select the General Fund option.